What is Gmsh

Gmsh is a tool for generating meshes (1D, 2D, 3D) for Finite Volume or Finite Element simulation packages (e.g. OpenFOAM's gmshToFoam)

Terms of License and Conditions

Gmsh is Open Source software, published under the GPL (

Getting Started

On the LRZ clusters, use the Environment Modules to find and set the environment.

> module av gmsh
------- /lrz/sys/spack/staging/20.1/modules/haswell/linux-sles15-haswell -------
> module load gmsh
> gmsh                # Gui requires VNC or SSH-X-forwarding

Or, use gmsh as command-line tool, e.g. for a 3D mesh written to outputMesh.msh, using 4 OpenMP threads:

> gmsh -3 -o outputMesh.msh -nt 4 input.geo


Official documentation; Youtube contains a lot of tutorials