FGSL - A Fortran interface to the GNU Scientific Library

This web page provides the source code for a portable, object-based Fortran interface to the GNU scientific library a collection of numerical routines for scientific computing. The package is licensed under the GPL. Please be aware that use of this software package is at your own risk.

  • Download version 1.6.0 (for use with GSL 2.7)
  • Browse README and NEWS files (also included in source package)

The code repository is maintained at Github. Users of FGSL are encouraged to send bug reports via the Github ticket system.

Table of released versions

1.6.0for use with GSL 2.7
1.5.0for use with GSL 2.6
1.4.0for use with GSL 2.5
1.3.0for use with GSL 2.4
1.2.0for use with GSL 2.3
1.1.0for use with GSL 2.1. It can also be used with GSL 2.2.1, but does not cover new features in that release
1.0.0please continue to use this together with GSL 1.x

Forum article

The August 2007 edition of SIGPLAN Fortran Forum contains an article on some aspects of FGSL. A correction for an error in a section of this article which describes some ideas for future developments is also available.