AnyConnect - win 8.1 - "Failed to initialize connection subsystem" nach MS15-009 update for Windows

Aktuell: Mit dem Windows 8.1 03/10/15 update ist der Fehler behoben.

Die Workarounds können nach dem Update und Nuustart des Rechners entfernt werden. Mehr dazu in der Knowledgebase von Microsoft

Fehlermeldung bei Windows 8.1: "Failed to initialize connection subsystem" nach Feb 2015 Microsoft Patch (KB3023607)

Aktuelle Diskussion bei Cisco:


"The issue is not the ASA or AnyConnect, it is a defect in Microsoft's February 2015 (02/10/15) security patch which affects all AnyConnect users on Windows 8.1 and a subset (unclear what subset yet) of users on Windows 7 with IE11. This has nothing to do with TLS versions which are enabled or disabled. Microsoft is aware of the defect that they introduced and are actively working on a fix."


Dort angegebene Workarounds:

There are two potential workarounds until Microsoft provides a fix

1. Windows 8 compatibility mode for the app (Anleitung in Englisch:

2. Customers can uninstall the KB3023607 update from Microsoft. However, this will also remove any other security fixes provided by Microsoft as part of the update. This can be removed under:
Control Panel / Programs / Programs and Features, click "View installed updates” on the left and locate and uninstall the update labeled with KB3023607.  This update is not visible when you try to locate it through the Windows Update application’s history, but it is accessible via Control Panel.

Fix von Microsoft:

Microsoft has released a "fixit" to workaround the regression in their WIndows 8.1 KB3023607 02/10/15 patch. This is accessible by following the instructions at:

Once the fixit is installed, Cisco recommends you reboot (or logoff/logon) your PC as you need to fully restart the AnyConnect service (not just the User Interface), and not all users will have access to do so.

Note: The Fixit Microsoft has released is not a fix for the OS regression.

Microsoft is planning to release a Windows Update patch on 03/10/15 to correct the underlying issue. Microsoft's dates are subject to change.


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