We recommend that you do not use Windows Mail, as it has only a small range of functions and very few configuration options.

In particular, it is not possible to open a shared mailbox (except via IMAP) and shared folders or calendars.


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After you launch the Mail app, you can add an account in two ways:

When you launch the app for the first time, a window opens with the "Add account" option.

Large window Mail. Background blue sky, in the lower area light clouds. Content is centered around the middle. Open envelope. Large font, Welcome to Mail. Add your accounts to keep up to date across devices. First things first. Plus sign button, Add account. Dimmed Go to inbox button.

If you have already set up an account, click "Accounts" in the left menu of the application and click "Add account" in the menu that appears on the right.

Window. Left column, blue background. Mail. Icon menu. Icon Plus, New mail. Marked icon Person, Accounts. To the right, the next column. Empty search field, Refresh icon, List icon. Below right, expandable All. Hyphen. To the right of it, blank space. On the far right, an area, grayed out. Manage accounts. Select an account to edit settings. Icon 2 chain links, Link inboxes. Marked icon Plus, Add account.

Then do not select "Exchange". The Windows Mail app would not find the Exchange account.

Instead, click on "Advanced setup".
If you do not see this item, enlarge the window or scroll down. 

Window Add an account. Add an account to Mail, Calendar and People to access your email, calendar events and contacts. Below 7 details, each with logo and description. The descriptions follow. Outlook.com, including Outlook.com, Live.com, Hotmail, MSN. Exchange, including Exchange, Office 365. Google. Yahoo exclamation mark. iCloud. Other account, POP, IMAP. Marks Advanced setup. At the very bottom right, Close button.

Then select "Exchange ActiveSync". 

Window Add an account. Advanced setup. Choose the kind of account you want to setup. If you're not sure, check with your service provider. Marked Exchange ActiveSync field, Includes Exchange and other accounts that use Exchange ActiveSync. Internet email field, POP or IMAP accounts that let you view your email in a web browser. At the very bottom right, Cancel button.

Fill in the fields as follows: 

  • Email address:
        Your primary Email address

  • User name:
        Your account
  • Domain:
  • Server:

  • SSL:

  • Account name:

Window Add account. Exchange. Email address. Input field Max.Mustermann At lrz.de. Password. Thick points input field. User name. Input field di69soz. Domain. Input field ads. Server. Input field xmail.mwn.de. Check box, Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection. Account name. Input field Max Mustermann. At the right bottom buttons Sign in, Cancel.

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