First install and configure the eduVPN client once, the you can use it.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, Framework .NET 4.8 must be installed
  • macOS 10.15 and newer
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Android

Installation Guide

On unmanaged systems you may download and install the eduVPN client from . On managed Systems you can use  SoftwareCenter or SelfService portals.

Windowsinstallation file, managed PCs use Software CenterVPN - eduVPN - Installation WindowsWindows 10
macOSApp Store, managed Systems use Self ServiceVPN - eduVPN - Installation macOSmacOS 10.14+
AndroidGoogle Play Store or F-DroidVPN - eduVPN - Installation AndroidAndroid 5.0+
iOSApp StoreVPN - eduVPN - Installation iOSiOS 12+
LinuxDownload for LinuxVPN - eduVPN - Installation Linux (ubuntu)

Unsupported operating systems and special use cases can fall back to OpenVPN with a configuration file. See VPN - eduVPN - Installation Linux (ubuntu)


HM - University of Applied Sciences MunichVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für HM
HSWT - University of Applied Sciences  Weihenstephan TriesdorfVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für HSWT
LMU - Ludwig-Maximilians Universität MünchenVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für LMU
LRZ - Leibniz-Supercomputing Centreinternal documentation: VPN - eduVPN - Client installieren
TUM - Technical University MunichVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für TUM
Other Institutions with VPN entitlementVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für andere Einrichtungen

Select your university from the entries below Institute Access, not below Secure Internet. The Secure Internet VPN server is operated by DFN. It will connect, bit you will have no access to internal resources within the Munich Scientific Network.

Select your institution from the green area. In case you conect to the DFN-eduVPN, you will get VPN, but no access to ressources of the Munich Scientific Network. Your IP address will be in the range 10.0.x.x/16, IPv6 2001:638:d:d000::/64, which do not belomg to the MWN.

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