Windows on ARM CPUs: Please go to VPN - eduVPN - OpenVPN-Konfiguration erzeugen

In case you already installed the eduVPN on managed Windows systems from SftwareCenter, proceed to the selection of your institution does below.

Otherwise download the eduVPN client from Download for Windows. [external link]. You can reach the download page for all clients at

a) Start the installation application, you will need elevated rights.

b) After the successful installation you nay have to restart your computer.

c) Now start the eduVPN Client





Now select the appropriate Server by simply typing a keyword. In case this does not work, please enter the institution's name. Select the entry below Institute Access

InstitutionKeywordConfiguration Guide
University of Applied Sciences Munich via LRZ-VPNhm.eduVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für HM
Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences via LRZ-VPNhswt.deVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für HSWT
Leibniz Supercomputing Centrelrz.deinternal Documentation
University of Munich via LRZ-VPNlmu.deVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für LMU
Technical University of Munich via LRZ-VPNtum.deVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für TUM
Other VPN institutions with VPN affiliationmwn.deVPN - eduVPN - Konfiguration für andere Einrichtungen

Example: TUM

Installationsprobleme mit Windows 10 LTSC

The may be some issues with  Windows 10 LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel). During the Installation an error NetFx48Redist might cancel the installation.

Error 0x80070490: Failed to verify signature of payload: NetFx48Redist

This is caused by an old .NET framework version. the Windows eduVPN client requires the latest version (4.8) of the .NET framework. Standard Windows 10 installations do get the frameworks automatically via Windows update. Windows LTSC are not meant for end user deployment and only get security updates bit no feature updates like new .NET framework versions.

MWN-PC/TUM-PC user can select a package for version 4.8 of the .NET framework which you may deploy to your clients. You have to restart the computer after installation to activate the new version. Without restarting your system you are not able to install the eduVPN client.

Think about using Windows 10 Education in the near Future as new problems might arise with Windows LTSC.

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