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VPN in the Munich Scientific Network (MWN)

In case you just want to install the AnyConnect Client, please navigate to: VPN - AnyConnect

Can I do without VPN? NEW!

You can use some of our services directly without VPN. Nevertheless the connection between your client and the server will be secured.

  • E-Mail: Exchange user can access their mails via the web interface or configure their mail client as explained in E-Mail und Groupware
  • Cloud-Storage ( can be accessed via a web interface (link: Webdisk ). There you can upload and download your files. You may mount your drive via WebDAV as well, see Benutzerhandbuch Cloud-Storage
  • Online access to e-journals, which need a personalised login (TUM: eAccess, LMU: eMedien), can be accessed directly. 
  • Sophos Antivirus: Since April 2020 you can access Sophos without VPN (see LRZ: Sicherheit + Antivirus )

What is VPN?

VPN stands for “virtual private network”. A VPN can be used to build a secure sub-network over an open, unprotected network (Internet, wireless network). Communication in this sub-network is protected against tapping and access by third-party participants. This is achieved by tunneling the data traffic via a VPN server using data encryption. Connections to this server have to be authenticated when set up.

VPN use in the Munich Scientific Network (MWN)

A VPN connection enables access to various MWN services. You have to establish a VPN connection if you wish to use the following services:

  • Access via the WLAN connections in the MWN that are managed by the LRZ
  • Use of public connection points for mobile computers in the MWN
  • Use of access-restricted, internal MWN services (examples: online journals of the Munich university libraries, remote update of Sophos anti-virus software) via third-party Internet providers or by inhabitants of student halls of residence

To use VPN connections, a valid username and the installation of a client program are required. The VPN server cluster in the MWN supports two protocols, SSL/DTLS with the AnyConnect client and IPsec with XAUTH with the IPsec client