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About the system


SuperMUC-NG consists of Intel Xeon 'Skylake' processors

  • 6336 Thin compute nodes each with 48 cores and 96 GB memory
  • 144 Fat compute node each with 48 cores and 768 GB memory

In total there are 311,040 compute cores with a main memory of  719 TB and a peak performance of 26.9 PetaFlop/s.

In addition to the compute nodes there are 64 Cloud Nodes (half of them equipped with 2 GPUs each).

The internal interconnect is a fast OmniPath network with 100 Gbit/s.

The compute nodes are bundled into 8 domains (islands).
Within one island, the OmniPath network topology is a 'fat tree' for highly efficient communication. The OmniPath connection between the islands is pruned (pruning factor 1:4).

Using the System

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