RVS How-To: Copying text between host and RVS nodes

RVS 2021


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Can I copy text between the host and a RVS node directly?

Copying text directly from the host to a RVS node may not work. Instead, NoMachine offers a feature called "clipboard".

The clipboard is a textbox at the bottom of the screen that acts as a buffer between the host and RVS node.

The clipboard at the bottom of the screen

How do I access the clipboard?

There are 2 ways to access the clipboard:

  • If you copy any text on the RVS node, the clipboard will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen with the copied text in it
  • You can toggle the clipboard by selecting it in the options menu (this will also make the clipboard disappear, if it is currently visible):

How do I use the clipboard?

The clipboard is a simple buffer. The contents of the clipboard are available for pasting in the RVS node and may be selected and copied to make them available on the host system.

Copying text from the host system to a RVS node

To copy text from the host to the RVS node, make sure the clipboard is visible. Then copy your text on the host system and paste it in the clipboard overwriting the previous content of the clipboard.

The text is now available in the RVS node and can be pasted there.

Copying text from the RVS node to the host system

To copy text from the RVS node to the host system, copy the text on the RVS node. If the clipboard was previously not visible it will appear and the copied text will show up in the clipboard.

You can now select and copy the text shown in the clipboard, making it available for pasting on the host system.

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