General Information

Meshroom is an open source software for 3D reconstruction of models from photos based on the AliceVision Framework.

Platforms and Version

Meshroom is installed on the four Remote-Visualization nodes of the LRZ Cloud, as these have access to hardware graphics acceleration (Nvidia).

The current version is 2021.1.0.


The Meshroom environment is provided by

$ module load meshroom

After that you just call (with a capital "M" at the beginning):

$ Meshroom

The user interface of meshroom should open up. A warning message in the terminal window like the following does not indicate a severe problem. Unfortunatelly it will reappear quite often as a reaction to user actions:

/bin/sh: /dss/dsshome1/lrz/sys/graphics/meshroom/2021.1.0/lib/ no version information available (required by /bin/sh)

You can also not avoid this Gtk message, just ignore:

Gtk-Message: 12:27:55.443: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.


For documentation please refer to the web page of the authors:


Questions concerning the installation of Meshroom may be adressed to Jutta Dreer (Dreer_AT_lrz_PUNKT_de) or you may describe your problem on the web page of the LRZ service desk:

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