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Globus is a royalty-free, open source toolkit for building grid applications. It provides also command-line tools for example to login to a system, transfer files and submit jobs. As the Globus Toolkit is officially no longer maintained, the Grid Community Forum (GridCF) is a global community that provides support for core grid software. The Globus Community Toolkit (GCT) is derived from the Globus Toolkit, but is not the Globus Toolkit. The GridCF is not a part of the Globus Alliance (original maintainer of Globus.) The Grid services offered by LRZ are based on GCT.  More specifically, LRZ offers two services based on GCT: GSISSH server to get an interactive shell in and GridFTP for high speed data transferences. 


LRZ offers a grid gateway to SuperMUC-NG via the server that allows accessing SuperMUC-NG via GSISSH from any IP (i.e., no registration of the source address required)


$ gsissh -p 2222


$ grid-proxy-init -bits 2048
    • If you have a MyProxy client in the machine with your grid certificate, then use the MyProxy server at LRZ to administrate your proxy certificate. By default this will use that encryption length:
$ myproxy-init -s

$ myproxy-logon -s


LRZ offers two servers for data transfers in and out SuperMUC-NG using GridFTP. Further description can be found at

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