General information

Manufacturer: 3D Systems

Version in LRZ: 2019.0.1

Operating system: Windows

Geomagic Design X is software for reverse engineering. It is designed to process 3D scan data into parameterized, CAD-compatible, editable solid models.


The LRZ has 5 floating licenses for Geomagic, which means that a maximum of 5 users can work with Geomagic at any one time. The software is not installed on LRZ computers, but is installed by the user himself on institute computers of the TU or LMU. From the workstation of the user the access to the license server of the LRZ is done, provided that the subnet of this workstation has been activated for the Geomagic licenses of the LRZ. Using Geomagic via the LRZ is currently free of charge.

Access to the LRZ licenses is granted by sending the completed and signed application form to Dreer_AT_lrz_PUNKT_en. Of course the software may only be used for research purposes.

The software itself can be downloaded from and, if necessary, a temporary test license can be obtained. Please note that other Geomagic products from the manufacturer are also available on this site. However, the LRZ only has licenses for Design X.


You can find introductory videos on Written material can also be viewed without a license by selecting the C:\Program Files\3D Systems\Geomagic Design X\Help double-click on one of the following entries to start a viewer (with search capability):

  1. GeomagicDesignX_Tutorial.chm
  2. GeomagicDesignX_UserGuide.chm


If you have any questions or problems, please contact Jutta Dreer (Dreer_AT_lrz_PUNKT_en). In case of difficulties in connection with the license retrieval, please describe your problem via the service desk of the LRZ at

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