What happens to my data when the reservation ends?

Once a week, Sunday night at 04:00am, all VNC sessions on the remote visualisation servers are killed. Your visualisation application will stop taking any input and it will stop responding. This means that you will lose any un-saved data!!! If you want to continue working, you have to submit a new reservation, re-start your visualisation application and re-load your last saved data.

I forgot my VNC password

Don't worry - you can simply set a new password for VNC. Log on to the remote visualisation server and type


Type a new password and verify it by entering it a second time. You will then be asked

Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)?

If you answer yes ("y"), you will be asked for another VNC password. You can give this password to co-workers, so that they can attach their PC to your VNC session, e.g. to discuss new results interactively. Your co-workers will see your desktop, but their inputs will be ignored.

I would like to have an environment for collaborative work - is that possible?

Yes, and its simple, too. When you set a password for TurboVNC (vncpasswd), you are asked if you want to give a view-only password. In that case, there are two passwords you can enter when you connect with the TurboVNC viewer. You should always(!) use a vncpasswd that is completely different from your log-in password. If you do so, you can give any of the two TurboVNC passwords to your colleagues. Give them your regular TurboVNC password, if you want your colleague to be able to move the mouse cursor or make inputs with the keyboard. If you give your colleague the view-only password, he can merely watch. In any case, anyone connected to your session will see the same remote desktop.

Now, if you combine this with an instant messaging client, you have a complete environment for collaborative work readily available!

(Keep in mind that you can always change your TurboVNC password again, so, basically, you can create per-session passwords.)

I would really like to use software xyz on the remote visualisation server - is that possible?

All LRZ users can compile and install their own software applications in their respective $HOME directory. If the software is used by many users, the LRZ may provide a module for it. Please send us an incident through the Service Desk.

I would like to use CUDA

This is currently not possible on the LRZ HPC systems. LRZ does also operate visualization systems with GPUs, but use of CUDA on these is rather limited.

I want to use vglconnect

Only VNC connections via the login nodes are supported by the LRZ. If you want to use vglconnect, you have to establish an ssh-tunnel between your desktop and the remote visualisation server via one of the login nodes.

I'm sorry, but non of these questions describe my problem. How can I get help?

If you have questions or problems that are not answered on this page, please submit an Incident Report through the Service Desk.

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