This article describes the known limitations that exist for Data Science Storage Container data protection mechanisms.

1. Backup of ACLs is not supported

Because of an architectural limitation in the IBM Tivoli Spectrum Protect Data Protection Suite, which is used by LRZ to perform backups of DSS Containers, ACLs are not backed up. This is because ISP treats ACL data as file data and therefore every time a ACL of a file is changed, the whole file has to be backed up. In order to avoid unnecessary data bloat in the backup systems, we therefore skip ACLs for backup. Note that this limitation has already been addressed at IBM and is expected to be lifted in a future version of ISP. 

2. Archive copies are created asynchronously 

When you use one of the ARCHIVE protection policies for a Data Science Container, you should be aware that the second copy of your archived data at the remote location is created asynchronously. Depending on the system load, the creation of the copy may take several days or in rare cases even weeks. So if you choose to delete some data from your container because it was already archived, you should make sure that the archiving has been done several weeks in the past because otherwise you may be vulnerable to data loss because of a potential tape media damage.