This article discusses various ways in which you can apply for or purchase Data Science Storage resources. 


Currently, we have multiple ways to make our Data Science Storage available to you, in order to try to best match your needs. In the following, you'll find an overview of the various ways.

Joint Project Offering

Data Science Storage resources can be made available as a project offering where you partner with LRZ and provide funding for DSS hardware, software and operations. For more details, see our service catalog. Usually the good economics of scale for DSS resources start to kick in at purchases above 1PB.

On Demand

As research projects often require less than the storage capacity that makes a joint project offering economically interesting, LRZ as well as the TUM faculties CH/PH/IN/MA/WZW/EI/MW and the Gauss Center for Supercomputing offer storage space on DSS also in an on demand model.

  • If you are a researcher from one of the mentioned TUM faculties and want to know more about the modalities to apply for a storage grant on this TUM financed system, please continue to read here
  • If you are from another TUM or LMU faculty, or even from another Bavarian university, please reach out to us via the LRZ Servicedesk to get you an offer for the LRZ funded system. Accounting on this system is done on a per TB, per year basis. Minimum contract term is one year and minimum storage space is 20TB. 
  • If you have an active SuperMUC-NG compute project, you can also apply for On Demand storage grants on DSS. For details on the application process, please continue to read here.

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