This article and workflow is not up-to-date. Login nodes have changed, and MPI settings have changed. In case of need for this workflow, please open a service request at the LRZ!

Comsol allows to submit jobs/sub jobs directly out of the GUI. A small guide line is given in the PDF below:


Please note that the presentation above is not fully up-to-date. But the Comsol Batch and Remote Computing still is. (Cluster names are different, RVS is not reachable as web service anymore)


The Linux cluster login nodes are named lxlogin* (where * is 5,6,7,8,10), when login from outside. If you want to submit from the Remote Visualization system, you work from inside of the LRZ network. The respective names of the login nodes are then mpp2-login* (* = 5,6,7) or, respectively.

You can submit to mpp2 (CoolMUC-2) or mpp3 (CoolMUC-3). Please consult the hardware-specifications for each of the clusters.

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