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Backup and Archive will be available after the shutdown of SuperMUC Phase 2. 

Access Policy to the Tape archive

The access policy to the tape archive on SuperMUC-NG differs from the policy on SuperMUC.  Access rights on SuperMUC were granted to individuell users, whereas on SuperMUC-NG the rights are granted to the particular projec (only the users who wrote the data could access it).

  • Permissions to access the data will now be granted to all users of a project i.e., all users in a group can retrieve data from other users of the project group.
  • The previous policy was that only the users who wrote the data could access it.
  • If you project is for example ‘pr12ab’, you can see the members of this group by
    getent group pr12ab-d
  • You have to add the project in the dsmc commands e.
    dsmc q ar “/gpfs/work/p12ab/us12ab5/*“ –se=p12ab

If the new policy is not appropriate for you, the master user/project manager must put a request to the Servicedesk for SuperMUC-NG. We will then restrict the access only to the master user/project manager  of the project. However, all other user in the project group will have no access.


More details will be available after the final switch from SuperMUC Phase 2 to SuperMUC-NG

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