Available SLURM clusters

ClusterParallel resources  (Resource limits for parallel jobs on Linux Cluster)

MPI or shared memory programs on the MPP FDR14 Infiniband cluster "CooLMUC-2"


MPI or shared memory programs on the KNL Omnipath cluster "CoolMUC-3".
Note that interactive testing is dispatched to a subset of 8 nodes in the same cluster.
interInteractive parallel jobs. Which of the clusters is used depends on the login node.

Serial resources (Resource limits for serial jobs on Linux Cluster)

For serial job processing. 


Interactive or batch shared memory jobs for high memory requirements (beyond 1 TByte) are executed on teramem1.

Further clusters exist in the multi-cluster environment. These however are dedicated for cluster housing projects, and not publically available.

Mail Notifications

All cluster systems permit to include a mail address into SLURM batch scripts for notification about certain job states (typically, job start and/or job end).

Please note that any mailing request is obliged to include a valid email address
If you don't want to receive an email notification please remove the line #SBATCH --mail-type=end from the submission script.
If you request an email to an invalid or non-existing email address LRZ staff will revoke your job submission rights, as a defensive measure against a denial of service attack on the LRZ mail hub.

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