This page contains alternative texts for images/graphics.

Since the manufacturers of Android cell phones often change the user interface, the appearance of the settings dialog on your device may differ from these screenshots. But the main points should be the same.

Open the settings

and select "Accounts".

Settings. 9 items with icon, label and notes, selected Accounts.

Select "Add account"...

Left arrow for back, Accounts. Accounts for Max Mustermann. Selected plus sign, Add account. Automatically sync data, Let apps refresh data automatically, right slider switch on.

and then "Exchange".

Left arrow for back, Add an accounts. 4 points with icon and name, selected Exchange.

Exchange logo. Enter your email address. Email. Input field max.mustermann At At the bottom left selected button, Set up manually, right, Next button.

Enter your Email address

and select "Set up manually".

Enter "ads\<your account>" as Username,
"" as Server,
the Port "443" and
for Security type "SSL/TLS".

Email setup. ACCOUNT INFO. Email. Input field max.mustermann AT Password. Input field Thick Dots, right icon eye for show password. Client certificate. None, rightmost clickable SELECT. SERVER SETTINGS. Domain backslash Username. Input field ADS backslash di69soz. Server. Input field Port. Input field 443. Security type. Selection field SSL slash TLS. At the bottom right, button Next.

You can now complete the setup by tapping "Done" in the following window.

After the setup, your Exchange account appears in your account settings. There you can also remove the account.

Left arrow for back, Accounts. Accounts for Max Mustermann. Selected Gmail logo, Max.Mustermann At, Exchange. Plus sign, Add account. Hyphen. Automatically sync data, Lets apps refresh data automatically, slide switch on right.

To do this, select your account and click "Remove Account" on the following dialog.

Left arrow for back, Exchange. Gmal logo. max.mustermann AT Account settings. Icon Refresh, Sync frequency, notifications, etc. Account sync, Sync an for all items. Selected button Remove Account.

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