By registering as a user of the LRZ Compute Cloud you accept these conditions of use:

  1. You shall only use the services to perform work, or transmit or store data, consistent with the stated goals, policies, and conditions of use as defined by LRZ in and abide by the export control regulations as detailed in These regulations have to be accepted via the LRZ ID-Portal (SIM).
  2. You shall not use the services for any unlawful purpose and not (attempt to) breach or circumvent any administrative or security controls.
  3. You shall respect intellectual property and confidentiality agreements. This includes that you must have a valid license for all software (including the operating system, e.g., Windows) that you run on your VM. Running software on a Cloud-VM may not be covered by standard licenses (e.g., LRZ believes that the Microsoft and MathWorks Campus Licenses don’t cover Cloud usage).
  4. You shall keep all your registered information correct and up to date.
  5. You use the services at your own risk. There is no guarantee that the services will be available at any time or that they will suit any purpose.
  6. You agree that logged information, including that provided by you for registration purposes, security information, scan results, accounting records, budget data, etc., may be used for administrative, operational, accounting, monitoring, and security purposes and you agree that it may be kept up to the end of the LRZ fiscal year in which your Cloud project ends. For details please consult the data protection declaration for the Cloud.
  7. You agree that the access-granting bodies and service providers (i.e., LRZ) are entitled to regulate, suspend, or terminate your access, within their domain of authority, and you shall immediately comply with their instructions.
  8. You are responsible for the security of your virtual machines (VMs).
  9. You shall protect your access credentials (e.g., private keys or passwords).
  10. You shall immediately report any known or suspected security breach or misuse of the services or access credentials to the LRZ Service Desk and to the relevant credential issuing authorities.
  11. You are responsible for everything your VMs do, including what users of your VMs do, whether they are authorized or not.
  12. LRZ reserves the right to perform scans (port scans, password scans, security scans, etc.) of all VMs in its Cloud.
  13. You agree that LRZ will monitor all network traffic. In case of possible abuse (unusually high traffic in or out, or high volume traffic on suspicious ports) we reserve the right to block or shut down your VM without prior notification.
  14. You agree to abide by all security rules detailed in Security Considerations. These rules will be updated as necessary, so please check back frequently.
  15. You agree that you may be banned from future Cloud usage if your VMs are hacked or if we detect insecure configurations.
  16. You are liable for the consequences of your violation of any of these conditions of use, which may include but are not limited to the reporting of your violation to your home institute and, if the activities are thought to be illegal, to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  17. You will add the following acknowledgement to publications that profited from the LRZ Compute Cloud: “We thank the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BAdW) for the provisioning and support of Cloud computing infrastructure essential to this publication.” You will also send to us the citation entry (or a reprint) of your published paper.

You can also download the LRZ Compute Cloud Acceptable Use Policy.

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