How can the synchronization of a local top-level folders be stopped without deleting data on the Sync+Share server? This question is often asked in connection with uninstalling the LRZ Sync+Share client. Especially for shared folders it is important that there is no data loss.


The synchronization of a top-level folder can be stopped in the LRZ Sync+Share client. Right clicking on a folder opens a context menu with the option "Stop Sync" (see step 1). Then confirm with the "Stop Sync" button. Here you can select whether the files located in the "LRZ Sync+Share directory" on the computer should be deleted or not (see step 2). Afterwards the folder should be grayed out in the client program.

If you want to uninstall the LRZ Sync+Share client, it is recommended to stop the synchronization for all folders and then continue with the uninstallation.

Step 1

Step 2


Active synchronisation - yellow icon:

Option 1:

Keeps data on the computer as well as on the

LRZ Sync+Share server


Option 2:

Delete files locally

No deletions will take place online on the
LRZ Sync+Share server

Stopped Synchronisation - gray icon:

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