Data Science Archive for SuperMUC-NG

1. Overview

GCS has funded the investment costs for a Data Science Archive (DSA) via the SuperMUC-NG project.
The system provides a usable tape capacity of approx. 260 PB and approximately 1 billion I-nodes.

LRZ's DSA is a novel approach at LRZ to solve the demands and requirements of data intensive science. Therefore, DSA implements a data centric management approach, which gives users the ability to:

  • Store vast amounts of data for as long as funding is secured and the data is important to them or the science community
  • Access this data from the LRZ HPC ecosystem (SuperMUC-NG, Linux Cluster)
  • Share this data between arbitrary users of the LRZ HPC ecosystem
  • Access/Transfer this data world wide via a high performance, WAN optimized transfer protocol, using a simple Graphical User Interface in the Web
  • Share this data with arbitrary users around the globe, like people are already used to from services like LRZ Sync+Share, Dropbox or Google Drive

All DSA systems are managed by a cloud-like Self-Service Web Portal(For detailed information see: Data Science Storage)

2. Application Process

In principle, the application is done during the general application process for computing time, e.g. via GCS-JARDS (Application step "Data management LRZ" → "Archive"). Due to the DSA installation, you have to repeat your request via the LRZ servicedesk as the first step. In this request, please specify again the Archive total size and the total Archive file number.

To transform a project at it's end into a DSA long-term storage project, an LRZ-internal approval is required. The application is done by filling out the SuperMUC-NG DSS Data Management Plan template from Data Science Storage for SuperMUC and submitting it via the LRZ Service Desk. 

3. Terms and Conditions


GCS has funded the Data Science Archive systems until end of 2026. While LRZ of course aims to raise funding for a successor system, which will replace the current systems once they're phased out, we currently cannot give any guarantees for retaining data on SuperMUC-NG DSA beyond end of 2026. However, if we fail to raise funds for a successor system, we will announce this well in advance, to give users enough time to move their data somewhere else.


SuperMUC-NG DSA services are provided free of charge.

Eligible Research Projects

All approved SuperMUC-NG projects are eligible to file a motion for storage space on the SuperMUC-NG DSA system during the projects lifetime. 

Further Information