Compute Cloud of SuperMUC-NG

Additionally to compute nodes of SuperMUC-NG, some cloud nodes have also been purchased. The Compute Cloud currently consists of:

Node Type

Number of Nodes

CPU (Cores)



Compute Node


40 (@ 2.4 GHz)

192 GB

GPU Node


40 (@ 2.4 GHz)

768 GB

2x Nvidia Tesla V100 16 GB

Huge Node


192 (@ 2.1 GHz)

6.000 GB

Currently only basic OS images are provided and the disk space is limited.

We will add OS images for remote visualization and images with access to specific SuperMUC-NG file systems later.

In the LRZ Compute Cloud we give you maximal freedom to pursue your research. This complete freedom necessitates a high degree of responsibility on your side: you are responsible for the security of your VMs! Only open them to outside connections as much as is absolutely necessary - not more!

Users must follow the Acceptable Use Policy ( With the next change of their password users are also requested to explicitly accept this policies.

Before you start, please read our documentation:

If you are new to Cloud computing we highly recommend to have a look at our tutorial on how to create a virtual machine to get an idea of our cloud software:

Please remember to shelve your VMs when not used.

If you are interested in using the LRZ Compute Cloud, please send a ticket to the LRZ Cloud Team

Please describe in the ticket what you want to do with the cloud nodes.