Cloud Storage Dokumentation


What new users should know about the LRZ Cloud Storage

Brief descriptionBrief description containing general information on Cloud Storage

The LRZ Cloud Storage user manual provides detailed information on, among other things, access requirements, access and snapshots, etc.

The Cloud Storage Self Services user guide provides further information.

The Cloud Storage Self Services web interface allows to query quota information of the LRZ Storage Cloud and to modify quotas on faculty level with appropriate rights. A distinction is made between the user groups standard users (for personal storage) and part and faculty administrators (for shared storage).


Manufacturer documentation for WebDisk (Http Commander). Apps are available for Android and iOS (keyword: Http Commander in Google Play or iTunes). Furthermore, a mobile web page is available for most touchpads and smartphones.


Frequently asked questions

ISAR Cloud StorageDescription of Integrated Simple ARchive (ISAR) cloud storage for easy online archiving.